Single by default

I know quite a few people who are single, yet long to be in a

Compassion for Gaziantep

We must fight terrorism, but more bombs are only going to provoke more violence. Compassion might be the only way out. And yes, that’s hard.

How we age

Through my work I witness daily how negative emotional energy can shackle us down. Most

Letting go BIG time

‘It’s good to shake up the system and make a new start,’ I wrote to


I love my life as a writer, but there is another work I have given

Total confidence inside out!

Strong and self-reliant. An achiever. Always ready to go the extra mile. That’s you. But despite all your hard work, you don’t break through. 

To outsiders you appear calm and in control. Inside, however, you feel unsure what to focus on, or give priority. You often find yourself doubting if you’re doing the right thing, or things the right way. Maybe you even wonder who you really are. You may feel inadequate, insufficient or like a fraud, and you are your own harshest critic. But somehow you are certain that there must be a way to get the recognition you deserve and bring out that leader in you. 

If you’d like to explore how to 

  • -feel confident inside out
  • -feel real and fulfilled  
  • -go for your true potential with ease and joy
  • -impact the world with your unique genius

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