IMPACT Leadership

Impossible to Ignore

Do you have bigger plans for yourself?

Contribute at the highest level

Lead with grace

Write that book

Take your company to the next level

Be an inspiration to others

Do you overflow with ambition to contribute to a better world, but feel that you’re not coming into your own, while the clock is ticking?
Let’s join our forces and get you to where you ought to be.
Aim high. Break through. And make that difference.

Impact the world not because you’ve developed a super thick skin and you’ve learned to suppress everything that’s real about you, but because you are guided by your unique inner compass. Authentic, brilliant and courageous, you achieve what you want with ease and joy.

Meet Jessica

After 20 years as an international news correspondent in the Middle East, I returned to my old passion: the study of the subconscious. Since 10+ years I help ambitious professionals in mid-career who burn to contribute more, move from feeling stuck and under pressure, to feeling assured, bold and in charge.  

An Impact Leader

Success without struggle and stress

If you’ve been pushing without moving ahead, perhaps you have some inner obstacles. 

Book a call with me if you want to overcome impostor feelings, paralysing perfectionism, procrastination or other insecurities. Let’s quickly get you where you ought to be.  

Make yourself heard. Make a difference. The world needs you.