Purpose-driven but no impact? If you are a professional in mid-career who has a mission, but you’re not coming into your own while the clock is ticking, let me help you aim high, break through and make that difference. You are needed! Let’s change the world together. 

My signature A.L.I.G.N.® process is super simple and the most efficient way I know to reprogram your subconscious and set yourself up for success. You can do it yourself, or go deeper with my support. All it takes is a readiness to look within and go beyond. 

I’ve been privileged to work with countless clients, who have advanced their career or their business; they started earning their true value or got promoted; they managed to balance work and private life; they avoided burnout and repaired strained relationships. Above all, they feel fulfilled and meaningful because they finally are doing their life’s work instead of a job.   

My mission is to better the world by supporting people driven by a purpose beyond profit, power and status, who feel held back. I help them A.L.I.G.N.® with their core self, so they become unstoppable leaders. 

Ik werk ook in het Nederlands. Türkçe de konuşabiliriz


My life changed forever when I gave up my job in the Dutch foreign service and walked straight into a war. As a young diplomat I was posted in Istanbul and I had an interesting, prestigious job. But I had big dreams and was lusting for adventure. 

I felt terrible about telling my boss that this life was not for me. But I jumped. I knew I could write. And a war had just broken out. So even though I had no experience as a reporter, and only one newspaper promised to take one story from me, I made my way to Iraq. It turned out to be the first of many times. 

Working as a news correspondent in the Middle East I was driven by a burning desire to make the world a better place. I believed my reporting made a difference for the people whose suffering I was witnessing. In some cases it clearly did. But rather than acknowledging that all these problems were too big for me to tackle on my own and that I was doing my fair share, I was getting more and more frustrated about the lack of impact I thought I had. 

I sought fault inside myself. Was I not doing enough? Was I not fit for the job? Was I not getting it right? I pushed and pushed myself, until I pushed myself over the edge. All of a sudden, everything that had been giving meaning to my life seemed pointless. I felt totally numb and stuck. 

My journey out of that dark, unhappy place taught me a lot. Not only about myself and the mysterious ways of the subconscious. I started recognising certain patterns in others too. Soon, I felt called to start helping people who want to add value, but feel they’re not coming into their own. Eventually I left the profession I had loved so much to follow this new calling.

What I can share with you:

  • 2 decades as a news-correspondent in a region where people often can’t speak their mind taught me to ask the right questions to quickly get to the bottom of what’s the matter 
  • 20 years on radio and T.V. taught me how to present with clarity and authority
  • 2 years recovering from PTSD & burning out taught me resilience and how to say no 
  • 6 years of being bullied at my primary school impacted me deeply for life. Overcoming that trauma gave me the expertise to help others heal
  • 12 years working with changemakers who feel held back taught me the easiest way to get into focused action mode 
  • 100’s of clients who trusted me have taught me how to uncover hidden qualities and talents
  • 2 years as co-director of PWI’s mentoring program has taught me to recognise and develop leadership qualities
  • life-long studying of the brain, mind & body taught me what the one issue is that’s at the core of most of our troubles 
  • 18 years being a mother taught me unconditional love 
  • 5 books published taught me the importance of finding your true voice 
  • 1 book in the making is teaching me how to be efficient and productive
  • 5 languages spoken taught me the beauty of our uniqueness

Let’s explore how I can help you become unstoppable. 

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