In each masterclass of ‘IMPACT Leadership for Women’ Jessica J.J. Lutz reveals the one surprising, but hidden reason why more women aren’t thriving as leaders. She offers easy to adopt new strategies to comfortably step into your power. You will get crucial insights in how to:
  • transform overwhelm into energy
  • communicate with crystal clarity to men and women (and yes, it’s different)
  • motivate others and yourself like never before, and bring out the best in everyone
  • embrace leadership while nurturing yourself
  • remain true to yourself
You will be amazed by this simple secret behind effortless, impactful leadership, which you won’t find in any text books. Jessica speaks on:
  • Gender-related bias: an unfair advantage?
  • Authenticity: Stop being nice. Be yourself.
  • Perfectionism: Mirror, mirror on the wall, why am I not the fairest of them all
  • Visibility: Stop hiding and take up your rightful space.
  • Money on a Woman’s Mind: what is she really thinking about?
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What a powerful, inspirational talk! I know I’m speaking for many who were there. By weaving in your own story, you drew us in. There was a lot of recognition. I think we all understand a lot better why some of these gender gaps are so persistent. And what to do to go forward and ensure that these gaps diminish. Thank you, Jessica.

Amanda Newell – Fry Group

The intervention on Creating Impact Leadership by Jessica was answering many questions with scientific answers. It was inspiring to acknowledge the science behind the brain and its impact on framing our gender role. The differences should be celebrated and diversity is the key for future success.

Lien Dobele – EY

”Thank YOU! It was so inspiring, informative and timely! It certainly started a conversation in the office among men AND women. I look forward to being in touch more in the coming months.”

Catherine Williams, Woman@Google, Brussels

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Jessica was a real find. Without any reservation I recommend her.

Jessica was a real find for us, as her professional career paths were those that a number of our professionals might want to follow if only they had a role model. Jessica is one such person. She delivered a comprehensive, thoroughly prepared, practical life experience lecture. […] She is very sensitive to the needs of her audience, which makes her an excellent lecturer. We at Koç University turly appreciate her candor and practical life experience, and found it very helpful for all our potential careers. Without any reservation I would recommend her very highly for any such venture she undertakes in the future. Patricia Tompkins – Professional Development Chair, Koç University, Istanbul

Highly recommended as a speaker!

”During the two day program Jessica covered the subjects in the form of introductions to group discussions, which provided an excellent exchange of views, as well as an interesting confrontation with different realities.[…] Members of the ‘Jan Amos Genootschap’ highly recommend Jessica as a speaker in areas of her expertise.”

The Jan Amos Society was founded in 2003 by the participants of an international program on leadership and vision of the University of Groningen, and consists of managing directors, members of board of directors, general or business unit managers of big corporations, all 45 years or older.

Edward Heukels – On behalf of Jan Amos Society

Let go of what keeps you small

Jessica Lutz has the knack to recognise subtle, stuck thought and behaviour patterns, and she can translate the subliminally felt need for change into a clear and convincing argument. Because her analysis is both rational her insights go deeper than usual. She doesn’t judge, but encourages people to take a more active stance. Through her broad experience as a correspondent in Turkey and its surrounds, she knows like no other the inclination of women to make themselves small, without being aware of it. Women need to take up the space that’s theirs. This can be done by political activism, but also by looking inside to see what subconscious block we put up for ourselves, in order to not take any steps. Jessica helps women to recognise subconscious patterns and start directing these, and to let go of what keeps them small.

Director Turkey Institute, The Hague