In each masterclass of ‘IMPACT Leadership for Women’ Jessica J.J. Lutz reveals the one surprising, but hidden reason why more women aren’t thriving as leaders. She offers easy to adopt new strategies to comfortably step into your power.

You will get crucial insights in how to:

  • transform overwhelm into energy
  • communicate with crystal clarity to men and women (and yes, it’s different)
  • motivate others and yourself like never before, and bring out the best in everyone
  • embrace leadership while nurturing yourself
  • remain true to yourself

You will be amazed by this simple secret behind effortless, impactful leadership, which you won’t find in any text books.

Jessica speaks on:

  • Gender-related bias: an unfair advantage?
  • Authenticity: Stop being nice. Be yourself.
  • Perfectionism: Mirror, mirror on the wall, why am I not the fairest of them all
  • Visibility: Stop hiding and take up your rightful space.
  • Money on a Woman’s Mind: what is she really thinking about?

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