WE-MIND vs. ME-MIND: A New Vision for Success in Leadership & Life


Ready for success without struggle or stress?

Discover the surprising and simple secret to being heard and valued for what you contribute. Learn how to feel accomplished both at work and at home and embrace your leadership.

A must read for ambitious professionals who want impact, but also for leaders who are looking for an easy recipe to be more inclusive, retain talent and reduce absenteeism. 

With free assessments and downloadables inside. 


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Do you ever feel an intangible force holding you back from achieving your true potential? Do you witness others trapped in the same frustrating cycle? If you ever feel like the odd one out, struggling to fit in despite your best efforts, or if you yearn for a more purposeful and meaningful contribution, let We-mind vs. Me-mind be your guide.

You will discover a fresh perspective on the roots of these feelings and gain practical insights to overcome both external and internal barriers. You will know how to unlock your true assets, recognize your accomplishments, and identify your keys to success.

But this book is more than a personal guide: it also aims to steer the workplace away from the pervasive issue of burnout, to empower organizations to cultivate and retain female leaders, and to be successful in a responsible, sustainable way.

The power to create lasting change begins with you. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to value yourself and others in every aspect of life. From the boardroom to your own living room, this book equips you with the tools to create a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and harmony. Dive in to embrace your leadership and – who knows? – help make the world a better place. 


We all have a We-mind and a Me-mind. One of the two leads, the other follows. As the name suggests, our We-mind primarily focuses on the well-being of the group and our Me-mind has its own well-being at heart. On the whole, women tend to be more We-minded and men more Me-minded. The degree to how We- or Me-minded we are is unique to each one of us.

Both minds have their own values, priorities and strategies for goal setting, problem solving, conducting business, communication, approaching leadership, conflict and other areas of life.

The problem is that in a professional setting we tend to appreciate only the Me-minded way of being, which alienates We-minded people.

Those of us who are dominantly We-minded are more likely to struggle with what I call an inner glass ceiling. That said, many of the ‘flaws’ women are told they need to overcome in order to be successful and leader-like, are in fact We-minded life strategies, which are misunderstood and not valued.

Looking at ourselves through this lens will help us get out of stagnation and into flow, open the way for more people to embrace their leadership. True leadership is we-minded. 

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