What people have said

The past 10 days I’ve been flat out organising a fundraiser for a charity, working together with others on this. At a certain point I realised that I was just loving doing it and that I wasn’t feeling the slightest bit insecure or socially awkward. I’m sure that a lot of that had to do with the work we did in our sessions, I feel like a different person. Still not 100% in form, but a whole lot better!

Alison P.
Jessica is amazing!

“Jessica is amazing! The process that she took me through really worked in healing some emotional blocks that I knew I had. She also helped remove some hidden blocks that I wasn’t aware of that was preventing me from moving forward in my life and my business. Now as I recall past traumatic events that happened in my life, I no longer feel the emotional pain associated with it. I just see it as something that happened without being emotionally triggered by it. What she did was truly amazing and I am so grateful to her!! Thank you Jessica XOXO!!”

Antoinette Elam
Long Beach, California
You look like some incredible life force has come into you, my friends said

I’m not one who believes in meta­physics, or secret energies that a person might be harbouring. So, when Jessica offered to do a few sessions with me I accepted for friendship’s sake, let’s say to not offend her. Throughout our first session I had the faint smile on my lips of ‘I don’t believe in these things, but I have some spare time on my hands’.

When I came out I felt vigorous and light. I attributed it to the diet I had been following since some 5 months. In the middle of our second session suddenly a strange emptiness filled me. It wasn’t like a faintness that numbs you, but more like a liveliness. The day before I had bought a new brand of drinking water. For sure that must have been the reason. Meanwhile, for some reason that meaningful smile of mine had vanished.

In the next session symbolically and with her special ritual she rearranged a bone in my chest. That same evening I met with a group of friends. ‘Something has happened to you,’ they said. ‘How come your eyes are shining like that? Did you win the lottery, or are you in love?’

‘It must be the weather. Summer is coming,’ I said.

Next, she started breaking down a rather large and thick wall she said there was around my heart. This took a number of sessions. Over and over again I had to return to my past, which was interesting, just like the symbol of that wall. Finally she said she had eliminated it.

When I left Jessica I walked down the road that I had walked perhaps a million times, but this time there were so many interesting things to see, so many details. Where ever I looked I saw pretty things that must always have been there, only I had never noticed them. Colours, people, smells, lives…

Then it came to the session during which the ‘addictive energy’ was cleared. That was the last of our sessions.

That evening I had guests. And boy, did they flatter me. ‘You have changed so much, you look younger, more full of smiles, like some incredible life force has come into you…’ That’s what they said. I was about to say it was due to my diet, but then I stopped. I had seen these people before I had started my sessions with Jessica, and then I was on a diet too. I shrugged. ‘Don’t worry about it, don’t make the rakı (liquor) wait,’ I said to myself. A little note for who is interested: I drink every night. Or no, I used to drink every night, I ought to say. And with vigour. Not just one or two glasses.

Anyway, together with my friends I raised my glass. We shouted our traditional ASPAVA! (May God give us health, money and love) and I put the glass to my mouth. But now what happened? I didn’t want to drink! Me, and not being able to drink rakı? That’s a total anomaly! That evening I had trouble finishing one glass. And I felt great. It wasn’t because I was sick. This state lasted also for the following days. My addiction to alcohol seemed to have diminished. It made me think about what I had gone through over the last weeks and I asked myself: does the first sentence I wrote in this this piece really still reflect the real me?

Zeynel A. K.
Istanbul, Turkey
An enormous weight has been lifted

Jessica led me through the most unique and effective process. It was incredibly challenging but equally informative, and worth the effort and commitment it required.

I feel like I have undertaken a most significant period of personal growth. I have a newfound awareness of how our early experiences can continue to influence our adult lives.

Practicing mindfulness had already helped me a great deal, but this process uncovered and dealt with the root causes of the emotional blocks that were preventing me from being happy, that were affecting my health and that had been holding me back in many other ways. I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted. Thank you, Jessica!

Rachel Youds
Mindfulness Coach, Brussels

What a powerful, inspirational talk! I know I’m speaking for many who were there. By weaving in your own story, you drew us in. There was a lot of recognition. I think we all understand a lot better why some of these gender gaps are so persistent. And what to do to go forward and ensure that these gaps diminish. Thank you, Jessica.

Amanda Newell
Fry Group
You created a safe space that made us want to open up

Another huge thank you for last night. It was a really special evening for me; difficult and overwhelming to hear about some people’s experiences and to talk about my own. But I came away feeling calm and well…happy, which has never happened before when I open up about that particular subject.

Going home, some of us were telling each other how comfortable we felt talking with you, how you created an atmosphere that made us want to open up about past experiences, and how you guided and encouraged us through the night in such a way as to come away feeling strong and empowered. So thank you.

Miranda S.,
Brussels, Belgium

Jessica is such a loving, holistic and good trainer. I love what she has taught us and the empowerment she has indicted in us. I have learnt that we should never be afraid to do great things just because we are women. Because we can do it.

Lydia Sammy
Highly recommended as a speaker

”During the two day program Jessica covered the subjects in the form of introductions to group discussions, which provided an excellent exchange of views, as well as an interesting confrontation with different realities.[…] Members of the ‘Jan Amos Genootschap’ highly recommend Jessica as a speaker in areas of her expertise.”

The Jan Amos Society was founded in 2003 by the participants of an international program on leadership and vision of the University of Groningen, and consists of managing directors, members of board of directors, general or business unit managers of big corporations, all 45 years or older.

Edwards Heukels
On behalf of Jan Amos Society

The intervention on Creating Impact Leadership by Jessica was answering many questions with scientific answers. It was inspiring to acknowledge the science behind the brain and its impact on framing our gender role. The differences should be celebrated and diversity is the key for future success.

Liene Dobele
Ernst & Young

I would recommend this training to each and every woman all over the world. It not only allows you to self-reflect, but also encourages you to be more self-loving, which is a very important aspect, especially for us women.

Yvonne Ouma
Jessica was a real find. Without any reservation I recommend her.

Jessica was a real find for us, as her professional career paths were those that a number of our professionals might want to follow if only they had a role model. Jessica is one such person.

She delivered a comprehensive, thoroughly prepared, practical life experience lecture. […] She is very sensitive to the needs of her audience, which makes her an excellent lecturer. We at Koç University turly appreciate her candor and practical life experience, and found it very helpful for all our potential careers.

Without any reservation I would recommend her very highly for any such venture she undertakes in the future.

Patricia Tompkins
Professional Development Chair, Koç University, Istanbul

You are a great woman. I personally thank you for noticing the gap and focusing on teaching people (women) about sustainable leadership. You are making the world a better place for many women to be. Jessica, you are my role model.

Faith Maina
Let go of what keeps you small

Jessica Lutz has the knack to recognise subtle, stuck thought and behaviour patterns, and she can translate the subliminally felt need for change into a clear and convincing argument. Because her analysis is both rational her insights go deeper than usual. She doesn’t judge, but encourages people to take a more active stance. Through her broad experience as a correspondent in Turkey and its surrounds, she knows like no other the inclination of women to make themselves small, without being aware of it. Women need to take up the space that’s theirs. This can be done by political activism, but also by looking inside to see what subconscious block we put up for ourselves, in order to not take any steps. Jessica helps women to recognise subconscious patterns and start directing these, and to let go of what keeps them small.

L. Sprangers
Director Turkey Institute, The Hague

Today was really exciting. I was able to access content that I understand and am able to apply in the near future.

Onduso Mary Malin, Nairobi

For me, the day was full of self-discovery and realisation. I was able to revisit my life in a way that only Jessica would help you do. I really enjoyed the session, especially learning about the me/we brain and I am truly grateful that I got this opportunity.

Ivone Agatha Nyambura, Nairobi
Mystifying and unforgettable

Prior to the session with Jessica, I was more than skeptical about the effects of what she described as a tool that could initiate healing. It sounded to me like an imprecise and impossible-to-measure approach to targeting years of emotional trauma. But I endeavoured to give it a shot anyway.

I can only describe the two hours of one-on-one energy work as a mystifying and unforgettable experience. Through a series of questions and answers with which Jessica seemed physically interconnected, she was able to uncover memories and emotions that I had long forgotten about. The process felt accumulative in nature; with every question and answer, I felt more integrated with the phenomenon and more in touch with who I’ve been at various stages in my life. At the end of the session, I felt an intense wave of panic and anxiety related to the memories uncovered with Jessica. She mentioned that this was a very real possibility but that over time, my daily struggles with anxiety would lessen in intensity. 45 minutes later, I was on the shore of the Mediterranean in southern Turkey and inexplicably drawn to the water where, slowly, I was able to release much of the tension that had built up over our session until nothing was left but peace and an unfamiliar sense of tranquility. I’m very grateful to Jessica for spending that time with me and for traveling to darker places in my psyche when only 30 minutes beforehand, we were complete strangers. She is tremendously skilled and I recommend her work highly to anyone brave enough to confront their own past.

Amanda J.
Antalya, Turkey

Jessica, you are the most amazing facilitator I have come across. Good job.

Patricia Musyoka, Nairobi
”Gençleşmiş, daha da güleç olmuş, acaip bir zindelik gelmiş sana” dediler

Ben meta-fiziğe, insanda var olan gizil ya da gizli enerjilere filan inanmam. Jessica benimle birkaç seans yapmayı teklif ettiğinde, hatır için, haydi onu kırmamak için diyelim, kabul ettim. Dudaklarımdaki ‘Ben inanmıyorum böyle şeylere ama, neyse işte; nasıl olsa vaktim var’ mesajı yüklü tebessüm kıvrımlarıyla ilk seansa başladık.

İlk seanstan çıktığımda kendimi adamakıllı hafif hissettim: ‘Beş aydır yaptığım diyettendir’ dedim kendi kendime. Demek diyetler etkisini böyle geç gösteriyormuş… İkinci seansta, daha seans ortasında, içimde tuhaf bir boşluk duygusu oluştu. Ama hani öyle ‘iç geçmesi’ filan gibi uyutucu cinsten değil, zindelikle karışık bir şey. Bir gün önce içme suyumun markasını değiştirmiştim: Kesinlikle ondandı… Bu arada, manalı tebessümüm de nedense yitip gitmişti…

Sonraki seansta göğüs bölgemde olduğunu söylediği -simgesel- iri bir kemiği yine kendine özgü ritüelle çıkardı. Aynı günün akşamı arkadaşlarla buluştum, “Yahu sende bir haller var… Ne o ulan; gözlerin ışıl ışıl, piyango filan mı çıktı yoksa aşık mı oldun?” dediler. “Havalardandır… “Yaz geliyor ya… Ondandır belki…” filan dedim…

Sonra, kalbimi sarmış olduğunu söylediği bayağı yüksek ve kalın bir duvarı yıkma seansları başladı. Bu, birkaç gün sürdü. Her defasında tekrar ve tekrar geçmişime dönmek ilginçti tabii. Neyse; duvar simgesi de ilginçti elbette ve sonunda duvarın ortadan kaldırıldığını söyledi.

Jessica’nın yanından ayrıldım, caddede yürümeye başladım. Belki milyon kez gezip yürüdüğüm caddede meğer göremediğim ne ilginçlikler, ne detaylar varmış. Nereye baksam, daha öncelerden de oralarda olan ama daha önceleri hiç fark etmediğim hoşluklar yakaladım: Renkler, objeler, insanlar, kokular ve hayatlar…

Ve sonra, ‘bağımlılık enerjisi’ni kaldırma seansına geldi sıra. O da bitti. O bitince seanslar da bitti… Akşama misafirlerim vardı. Aman aman ne iltifatlar ettiler bana: “Sen ne kadar değişmişsin böyle; gençleşmiş, daha da güleç olmuş, acaip bir zindelik gelmiş sana” filan dediler. “Diyettendir…” der gibi oldum, durdum ve düşündüm: İyi de, bu misafirlerimle Jessica’yla seanslara başlamadan önce de buluşmuştum ve o zaman da diyetteydim?.. ‘Yorma kafayı, bekletme rakıyı’ dedim kendi kendime.

Bu arada meraklısına not: Ben her akşam içerim… ‘İçerdim’ demem gerekiyor aslında… Hem de adamakıllı içerdim yani, öyle iki kadeh filan da değil…

Neyse; misafirlerimle birlikte kaldırdım kadehi, bizim geleneksel ‘ASPAVA!’mızı (Allah Sağlık, Para, Aşk Versin, Amin!) bağırdık, bir yudum aldım, o da ne: Canım içmek istemiyor!.. Ben ve rakıyı içememek!! Olacak şey değil! O akşam bir kadehi zor bitirdim. Oysa kendimi iyi hissediyordum, yani bir anormallik yoktu… Bu hal sonraki günlerde de devam edince, yani alkole düşkünlüğüm adamakıllı azalınca, son haftalarda yaşadıklarımı yeniden düşündüm, düşündüm ve sonunda kendi kendime şu soruyu sormaya başladım: Acaba bu yazının ilk cümlesindeki fiil-zamanı, kendime ilişkin bir doğruyu hâlâ gösteriyor mu, yoksa?..

Zeynel A. K.
Istanbul, Türkiye
Get on with a positive future

Jessica listened carefully to what I remembered of my bad memories and with a soft voice slowly but surely in two sessions we retrieved details of my past events that have plagued me. Together we put these negative thoughts in their place. Her empathy of my memories gives me now a chance to get on with a positive future.

If your past holds too many painful events I would recommend you contact Jessica.

London, U.K.
Pijn weg van het ene uur op het andere

Het wringt en schuurt in mijn lichaam. Slecht slapen doet er nog een schepje bovenop. De huisarts schrijft stevige pijnstillers voor; het zoveelste lapmiddel.

Wat is er toch met mijn lichaam? Ik pieker niet, heb een goed leven. En toch die onverklaarbare hevige pijn?

Mijn oude yoga-leraar heeft me geleerd dat oude, allang vergeten (weggestopte) trauma’s moeilijk te traceren pijn kunnen veroorzaken. Inside Out therapie zou een middel kunnen zijn.

Inside Out therapeut Jessica heeft mij geholpen deze oude trauma’s onder ogen te zien en er mee af te rekenen. Met soms opzienbarende resultaten: mijn rechterarm legde ik al een maand op mijn hoofd om de schreeuwende pijn wat te verminderen. Na een intensieve sessie met Jessica kon ik mijn arm weer vrij bewegen: van het ene uur op het andere was de pijn weg!!

Sindsdien roep ik haar hulp wat vaker in. Mijn lichaam en geest varen er wel bij. Ik slaap weer!

Dank je wel Jessica!

Mevr. L.R.
Hoogstraten, Belgium

I am so happy that Jessica was able to take me through this. The activities were just perfect. Watch out world, ‘cause here I come, stronger than ever.

Elsie Chacha, Nairobi
Releasing a forgotten trauma

We figured out that something traumatised me when I was 36, but we couldn’t find out what it was. So Jessica let me go back in time, physically, marching backwards in space… 48…46…43… until 36. “Where are you?” she asked me. I see the room where I used to live at that time. I’m between the bed and the closet, facing the closet.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I’m just standing there…”

And then, from the left, a little bit behind me, there is this memory emerging. The neighbor’s kid fell out of the window and died. The window is exactly there from were the memory emerged, I mean really in reality. When I’m between the bed and the closet, facing the closet, I just have to look to the left, a little bit behind me and I can see through my window to the window on the opposite side of the street, the window the kid fell out of.

I found it really impressive that it was so three-dimensional.

Annick N.
Brussels, Belgium

I have learned more about leadership, which I didn’t understand well, than before. Women are so powerful as long as they believe in themselves. They can do it!

Happy Lucky, Nairobi
My heart stopped racing

‘I was suffering a lot from negative thoughts, and was constantly worrying about them on top of that. This made me more emotional than I’d like to be. By having a few sessions with you, Jessica, it became clear to me that this negativity had its roots in the past. … I have become lighter, I don’t get upset so easily anymore. My heart has stopped racing, which makes me feel calmer. I sleep a lot better and I’m less nervous. I’m very happy about it.’

Jacouline H.
Breda, The Netherlands

Thank you for sharing, through your training we are able to learn more and you are making a change in society.

Mary Njeri Klanjiky, Nairobi
Inner strength and physical improvement

I started my sessions with Jessica without knowing what to expect. For many years, I had experienced strange shakings that occurred whenever I felt weak or tired and no doctor could tell me what they were related to. Jessica encouraged me to try the mind-body work she offers, and it did not take me long to feel very comfortable with it.

Her work allows you to approach small or big problems that you may have grown used to from a new angle, and search for their roots so you can let go of them. In Jessica’s presence, I immediately felt a deep calm. When we looked at events of my past and I had to confront moments that usually caused a strong unease inside me, the calm continued. This calm was a very positive calm that gave me inner strength, a more positive thinking and that also translated into an improvement of my long-standing shakings.

I find it fascinating how Jessica was able to show me the connection between forgotten, or rather subconsciously present events from the past and how we feel and behave today. “Letting go, finding flow” describes my experience with her very well. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for peace of mind through a new, untried approach to their past.

Nadja N.
Brussels, Belgium
Mijn hart slaat rustiger

Ik had veel last van negatieve gedachten, die er voor zorgden dat ik daar over begon te tobben. Ik werd emotioneler dan dat ik zou willen. Door met jou, Jessica, een paar sessies te hebben is het mij duidelijk geworden dat de negativiteit met het verleden te maken heeft. Na een paar behandelingen heb je mij aangereikt dat ik de heart wall zelf kan aanpakken. Wat ik ook aan het doen ben. Ik word daardoor lichter in mijn hoofd, raak niet zo snel meer van slag. Mijn hart gaat ook rustiger slaan, waardoor ik me kalmer voel. Ik ben daar heel blij om.

Jacouline H.
Breda, The Netherlands

I had a fun day with Jessica. You have made me understand why men and women behave differently in the same situations. You are such a wonderful facilitator Jessy.

Valentine Chepkemoi, Nairobi

On behalf of the girls and Akili Dada at large we are more than glad and really appreciate you running the session with the participants. The feedback was very positive and if I could quote some: “The facilitator is so good with the crowd, and most of the activities that we engaged in during the session were very relevant to the topic and to our age group.” To you Jessica, we really appreciate you taking the participants through the [day-long workshop] and look forward to more learning with you.

Faith Vosevwa
Paza Program Lead, Akili Dada, leadership incubator nurturing the next generation of African women leaders, Nairobi

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this knowledge with me. Just feel like you are impacting and changing society.

Sheban Fatuma Mupah, Nairobi

Having in mind that Jessica is not Kenyan, I love the way she was accommodating and handled every topic to the very best she could. I am happy and learned a lot. Thank you Jessica… Come again. 🙂

Cynthia Njoroge, Nairobi

Jessica, you did a great job and the way you brought leadership across was very different to all the stories we have heard of. You brought about the body, how we have the we brain and me brain and it was amazing.

Dorcas Njeri Maina, Nairobi