The ABC of Leadership

Achieve from the heart. Be bold. Communicate it.

Do you have bigger plans for yourself?

Contribute at the highest level

Lead with grace

Write that book

Take your company to the next level

Be an inspiration to others

Do you overflow with ambition to change the world, but feel that you’re not coming into your own, while the clock is ticking?
Let’s join our forces and get you to where you ought to be.
Aim high. Break through. And make that difference.

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Impact the world not because you’ve developed a super thick skin and you’ve learned to suppress everything that’s real about you, but because you are guided by your unique inner compass. Authentic, brilliant and courageous, you achieve what you want with ease and joy.

Meet Jessica

After 20 years as an international news correspondent in the Middle East, I returned to my old passion: the study of the subconscious. Since 10+ years I help ambitious professionals in mid-career who burn to contribute more, move from feeling stuck and under pressure, to feeling assured, bold and in charge.  

A Leader who knows her ABC

Are you caring for your biggest asset?

Busy, burdened and being helpful wherever you can as a leader who wants to do good and have more impact. Especially in the current crisis, you may be forgetting about the one asset that is vital for your success: you

Self-care is often associated with long, leisurely hours of doing nothing ‘useful’. How often can you allow yourself such luxury? Especially now, in these difficult times…

I support high-achievers who burn with desire to do their share, to have true, sustained impact. That’s how we’ll make this world a better place. Here’s my gift to you: ‘Self-Care For Achievers Who Have No Time.’  It’s a short, but powerful routine you can do every day to look after that asset of yours.