Jessica JJ Lutz
    Coach & Therapist

You know you have so much in you. You’re ambitious and professional, and yet, you feel held back from your full potential, from what you really want. Perhaps you’ve even lost touch with yourself while you were trying so hard to get it right.

It’s true: it’s a tough world out there. But have you ever asked yourself if there is something in YOU that holds you back?

For nearly 20 years I have worked as a correspondent in the Middle East, where I’ve met a great deal of mightily resilient women. At the same time it struck me how they often helped maintain their own disadvantaged position and blocked change for their daughters.

My own journey has made me realise how we all subconsciously shy away from the unknown, no matter how imperfect our situation is, and even if we know change really would be better for us.

Working in a region where nobody can speak their mind freely, has fine-tuned my sixth sense, which I now employ to help women unravel the subconscious patterns that kept them safe in childhood, and adopt a new strategy, better suited for their present life, so they feel free to be genuine and be the captain of their ship.

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