Jessica J.J. Lutz
    Coach & Counsellor

You are professional and driven, but feel held back. Would you like to overcome what blocks you, so you can go for your full potential with ease?

As a working woman who wants to move ahead, you have a lot of obstacles to overcome: gender bias against you, the home front that needs you, your own inner critic, self-doubt or lack of confidence just to name a few.

Perhaps you spend a lot of time worrying about issues that seem impossible to resolve. Your working days are far too long to be healthy, yet you feel you should be doing more. You may feel you lack support. Or are some people just not getting you, or worse, are they undermining you? And meanwhile, have you lost sight of your personal well-being and happiness? If you say yes to any of these questions and you want change, you’re in the right place.

I help professional women who feel blocked to obtain sustainable success, that brings joy instead of sacrifice.

Work with me to get the key to:

feeling confident and energised
naturally rallying people behind you
motivating others and yourself like never before
being aligned with your vision
being true to yourself

(hint: this brand new way is not found in any leadership books).

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Jessica is amazing!

“Jessica is amazing! The process that she took me through really worked in healing some emotional blocks that I knew I had. She also helped remove some hidden blocks that I wasn’t aware of that was preventing me from moving forward in my life and my business. Now as I recall past traumatic events that happened in my life, I no longer feel the emotional pain associated with it. I just see it as something that happened without being emotionally triggered by it. What she did was truly amazing and I am so grateful to her!! Thank you Jessica XOXO!!”

— Antoinette Elam 

An enormous weight has been lifted

Jessica led me through the most unique and effective process. It was incredibly challenging but equally informative, and worth the effort and commitment it required.
I feel like I have undertaken a most significant period of personal growth. I have a newfound awareness of how our early experiences can continue to influence our adult lives.
Practicing mindfulness had already helped me a great deal, but this process uncovered and dealt with the root causes of the emotional blocks that were preventing me from being happy, that were affecting my health and that had been holding me back in many other ways.
I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted. Thank you, Jessica!
— Rachel Youds – Creative Mindspace

Without any reservation I recommend her.

Jessica was a real find for us, as her professional career paths were those that a number of our professionals might want to follow if only they had a role model. Jessica is one such person.

She delivered a comprehensive, thoroughly prepared, practical life experience lecture. […] She is very sensitive to the needs of her audience, which makes her an excellent lecturer. We at Koç University truly appreciate her candor and practical life experience, and found it very helpful for all our potential careers.

Without any reservation I would recommend her very highly for any such venture she undertakes in the future.

— Patricia Tompkins, Professional Development Chair, Koç University, Istanbul

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