Building impact leadership


For whom?

This workshop is for:

  • organisations and companies who would like to have more women in leading positions. It helps them get more women to feel comfortable with stepping up their game.
  • female leaders who want to move ahead, but feel held back. It helps them be comfortable with stepping up their game.
  • professional women who want  to move ahead, but feel held back. It helps them confidently go for their full potential.


The current climate is in favor of change. Millions are being invested in ambitious programs to empower women, and yet change only happens slowly. This is because one key factor is being overlooked: the role of our subconscious mind. Without being aware of it, men and women alike help maintain the status quo. There are identifiable reasons why we do this: subconscious, and therefore automatic strategies that have protected us throughout evolution. In our complex modern society, however, these tend to work against us. In order to thrive, a new strategy is needed.


Discover your inner glass ceiling — the main subconscious strategies that make you hold yourself back — and break through it, so you can achieve your full potential in an effortless, joyful and sustainable way.


The discovery journey is interactive and fun. Theory is interlaced with stories, activities and new strategy building, all aimed at making lasting change.

The workshop ”Building IMPACT Leadership” offers you hands-on tools to help you feel at total ease with stepping up your game and taking your rightful place.

As a result of this workshop you will understand how to:

  • transform overwhelm into energy
  • be a master at resolving conflicts and miscommunications
  • recognise the real cause of disease or burnout, and prevent it
  • naturally rally people behind you, and bring out the best in everyone
  • embrace leadership while nurturing your own needs, and remaining true to yourself

No piece of legislation or quota, not even a super thick skin gets rid of the subconscious bias and internal programming we all have. For that, dedicated, focused training is needed.  Increase your impact. Achieve your true potential in an effortless and joyful way.

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Thank You!

Thank YOU! It was so inspiring, informative and timely! It certainly started a conversation in the office among men AND women.

I look forward to being in touch more in the coming months.

Woman@Google, Brussels

A safe space that made us want to open up

Another huge thank you for last night. It was a really special evening for me; difficult and overwhelming to hear about some people’s experiences and to talk about my own. But I came away feeling calm and well…happy, which has never happened before when I open up about that particular subject. Going home, some of us were telling each other how comfortable we felt talking with you, how you created an atmosphere that made us want to open up about past experiences, and how you guided and encouraged us through the night in such a way as to come away feeling strong and empowered. So thank you.

M.S., Brussels

Look forward to more learning with you

On behalf of the girls and Akili Dada at large we are more than glad and really appreciate you running the session with the participants. The feedback was very positive and if I could quote some: “The facilitator is so good with the crowd, and most of the activities that we engaged in during the session were very relevant to the topic and to our age group.” To you Jessica, we really appreciate you taking the participants through the [day-long workshop] and look forward to more learning with you.

Faith Vosevwa, Paza Program Lead, Akili Dada, leadership incubator nurturing the next generation of African women leaders, Nairobi

Having in mind that Jessica is not Kenyan, I love the way she was accommodating and handled every topic to the very best she could. I am happy and learned a lot. Thank you Jessica… Come again. ?

Cynthia Njoroge

Jessica, you did a great job and the way you brought leadership across was very different to all the stories we have heard of. You brought about the body, how we have the we brain and me brain and it was amazing.

Dorcas Njeri Maina

Today was really exciting. I was able to access content that I understand and am able to apply in the near future.

Onduso Mary Malin

You are a great woman. I personally thank you for noticing the gap and focusing on teaching people (women) about sustainable leadership. You are making the world a better place for many women to be. Jessica, you are my role model.

Faith Maina

Jessica is such a loving, holistic and good trainer. I love what she has taught us and the empowerment she has indicted in us. I have learnt that we should never be afraid to do great things just because we are women. Because we can do it.

Lydia Sammy

For me the day was full of self-discovery and realisation. I was able to revisit my life in a way that only Jessica would help you do. I really enjoyed the session, especially learning about the me/we brain and I am truly grateful that I got this opportunity.

Ivone Agatha Nyambura

Thank you for sharing, through your training we are able to learn more and you are making a change in society.

Mary Njeri Klanjiky/strong>

I am so happy that Jessica was able to take me through this. The activities were just perfect. Watch out world, ‘cause here I come, stronger than ever.

Elsie Chacha

Jessica, you are the most amazing facilitator I have come across. Good job.

Patricia Musyoka.

I had a fun day with Jessica. You have made me understand why men and women behave differently in the same situations. You are such a wonderful facilitator Jessy.

Valentine Chepkemoi

I have learned more about leadership, which I didn’t understand well, than before. Women are so powerful as long as they believe in themselves. They can do it!

Happy Lucky

I would recommend this training to each and every woman all over the world. It not only allows you to self-reflect, but also encourages you to be more self-loving, which is a very important aspect, especially for us women.

Yvonne Ouma

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this knowledge with me. Just feel like you are impacting and changing society.

Sheban Fatuma Mupah

The workshop was very engaging, the ideas used to engage the crowd worked really well. There was a lot of gravitas and energy in the way the workshop was conducted. Well done for theat!

–Sukanya Acharya, Kantar, Brussels

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