Building IMPACT Leadership


For whom?

This workshop is for:

  • organisations and companies who would like to have more women in leading positions. It helps them get more women to feel comfortable with stepping up their game.
  • female leaders who want to move ahead, but feel held back. It helps them be comfortable with stepping up their game.
  • professional women who want  to move ahead, but feel held back. It helps them confidently go for their full potential.


The current climate is in favor of change. Millions are being invested in ambitious programs to empower women, and yet change only happens slowly.  This is because one key factor is being overlooked: the role of our subconscious mind. Without being aware of it, men and women alike help maintain the status quo. There are identifiable reasons why we do this: subconscious, and therefore automatic strategies that have protected us throughout evolution. In our complex modern society, however, these tend to work against us. In order to thrive, a new strategy is needed.


Discover your inner glass ceiling — the main subconscious strategies that make you hold yourself back — and break through it, so you can achieve your full potential in an effortless, joyful and sustainable way.


The discovery journey is interactive and fun. Theory is interlaced with stories, activities and new strategy building, all aimed at making lasting change.