having more money and accumulating wealth is crucial

Are women lucky to have less money than men?

Money is hardly ever what my clients view as their main problem.…
what gives life meaning

What gives life meaning? Find your Ultimate Why

Springtime. Stormy skies and sunshine. Sweet scenting flowers…

No Women, No War

While walking back from a delightful lunch with a dear friend…

To be the perfect woman

Recently I read an interview with a business woman who said that…


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Fatherhood lowers chances of finding job

That working women get punished for being mothers is not…
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How a look can change your life in one second flat. 

Last weekend I visited my step-grandchild, a delightful little…

More scientific proof that negative thoughts can kill you, from a Nobel Prize winner! 

Letting go of negativity not only makes you happier, it actually…

Why we hang on to our suffering: it gives us power

Caroline Myss is one of the teachers I follow. Listen below to…
dangers of a good child

Have you always been a Good Child? High time to get BAD!  

Were you one of those children who always did their homework…
brene brown

You want to feel invulnerable? Embrace your vulnerability. Really.

  Isn't being vulnerable totally scary, and to be…