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How a look can change your life in one second flat. 

Last weekend I visited my step-grandchild, a delightful little boy of eight months old. We don’t see much of each other because we live far apart, so it took him several hours to get used to the new people in the house. He was gentle and adorable, sure, but I remember very distinctly the moment that he was looking into my face and his gaze changed from being inquisitive to loving. It was a subtle softening of his look, of only his pupil, but so powerful, it went straight to my heart.

Even now, when I think back of it, it makes me feel warm and special. That is exactly what NYC psychoterapist Katherine Schafler is talking about in the article below. She’s right to say that this is what true leadership should be about too. The way we look at each other can spread happiness in an instant. It works. I know!

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