what gives life meaning

What gives life meaning? Find your Ultimate Why

Springtime. Stormy skies and sunshine. Sweet scenting flowers everywhere. Life is bursting from the earth. It makes me feel so alive, but exactly in this season we lost a dear member of my husband’s family. My husband and I had the privilege to be present at his deathbed. We were holding his hand while his soul passed away. It was a profound, deeply moving experience.

During the days afterwards, while we were sorting out all his stuff, it became clear how many dreams he had never pursued. It hurt my heart. And it made me reflect on what gives a human life meaning and purpose.

It seems to me that often others find our life, our being there, more meaningful than we do ourselves. That in itself is beautiful, but how often do we shy away from the appreciation of our dear ones? Do we push them away because it feels uneasy to be loved? So many of us berate ourselves, even hate ourselves for being ‘imperfect’. Unloveable. Too often we tell ourselves ‘if only I were like that,’ or ‘if only I had done this’. Yet, when it comes to taking action to materialise what we wished we had done or were like, we feel paralysed. As if, deep down, we don’t believe we deserve to achieve that desired ‘perfect’ state.

So what inspires you to do the things you do? Are you just getting through life, or do you feel a sense of purpose? Are you working hard for something you don’t care about and feel stressed, or are you working hard for something you love, and feel passionate?

I created a workshop to explore the theme of what gives life meaning and purpose. We will dive deep into what gets and keeps you going. This workshop is for women –and men are welcome too- who want to give themselves permission to be all they can be. Knowing ‘Your Ultimate Why’ is step number one to making that happen with ease and joy. So, if you want your life not to just slip through your fingers, but rather live with intention, join me in Brussels on May 28th. Here you can find out the details.

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