So what is Inside Out Therapy actually?

img_20160316_085645-1Now that we’re finally all set up in Brussels, I am ready to open my practice. I’ll be working from home and have a lovely room for that purpose. So what can future clients expect?

First of all a warm welcome by my two little dogs, who can’t help barking when the bell rings. I haven’t managed to release that out of them (yes, I work with animals too). 🙂

A session usually lasts about an hour. To start with, together we will zoom in on the issue(s) you want to work on. Your subconscious will guide us to what should take priority. I work from the principle that any discomfort is a signal, a symptom if you wish, of an imbalance in your system that your subconscious is drawing attention to. When the focus is clear we start tracking down all aspects of the problem. One by one, as soon as you have enough clarity concerning each factor, I release them from your system. For some problems one session can be enough, but often people come back for more.

I believe there is more to you than your body, even than your mind and body. Your subconscious can point us to a part of your body or psyche that is malfunctioning, but there is always an underlying cause for that. The blockages I clear can be from emotional pain, a broken heart, a negative belief, but all of these are brought about by your interaction with other people. Releasing these stuck energies has an effect not only on you, but also on those around you, as you will quickly notice.

Inside Out Healing is not about repairing a broken body part, but about making peace with a hurt from the past. This will also affect your body. Often several physical symptoms are linked to one underlying cause. Changes can be sudden or subtle. It is a journey, not a ‘pill’.

Suppose you come to me with joint pain, or because you feel you can never focus and have a foggy brain, or you feel overwhelmed by work or life. Your subconscious might guide us to an imbalance in your adrenal glands. As you know these glands are activated by stress so we can cope with tension, but if there is too much pain or stress in your life they can start misfiring. So we have to find the reason why they started doing that, and all the other issues that subsequently piled up on them.

In my own case my adrenal glands got stuck around the age of 8, when I became increasingly upset by the bullying I was subjected to at school. I thought I had left this painful episode behind me long ago. I didn’t really want to go back there, but my subconscious kept taking me there until all aspects were cleared. As a result my insomnia has all but vanished.

Some people hate the idea that they might shed some tears during a session. Indeed, facing your old demons can be painful, but I promise that this will be the last time they bother you. Once the presence, the energy of past pain has been released you will suddenly become aware of how it was festering, how it was eating you up. You will feel light and free, and those unpleasant episodes will become neutral memories that no longer cause you distress.


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