How we age

Through my work I witness daily how negative emotional energy can shackle us down.

photo by Edu Lauton
photo by Edu Lauton

Most often it is our own emotional energy that gets stuck in our system and form blockages. But the negativity of other people can also influence us.

Once, for example, a musician came to see me who had trouble playing her instrument because of an excruciating pain in the middle of her back. She was seeing a physiotherapist, who would relieve the pain, but it would return a few hours after her treatment. A personal recommendation had sent her to me.

Very quickly her subconscious guided us to an incident that happened when she was on a tour with a colleague who was jealous of her. When we released the intense negative energy projected by this other person, the pain immediately became tolerable. This client only came once, but confirmed to me the pain decreased even further with time.

Let’s not forget that we are all human, and all of us are ‘guilty’ of negative feelings towards others. But what I recently bumped into is how our own negativity can rebound on ourselves, depleting us. Let me explain this with an example.

One morning about a week ago, as always before I start working with a client, I asked my subconscious whether there was anything I should release in myself in order to have an optimal session. The answer was yes. Muscle testing revealed I had to let go of a negative energy I was projecting towards a close friend. It didn’t take long for me to understand the cause.

Recently, I was stood up by one of her children. It wasn’t anything serious, and concerned her child, rather than herself. I had prepared a meal for the young man and his friends, but at the last moment they couldn’t be bothered to show up. A typical case of insensitive teenage behaviour, for which my friend of course was not to blame. I understood that she was unable to alter her son’s behaviour, but it had left a bitter taste in my mouth.

As soon as I had the picture clear, I applied the system I use to stop sending out such energy. To my surprise the headache I had been feeling on and off in the last month immediately vanished.

For the previous 24 hours the headache had been quite strong, so strong in fact that I had wondered if I could do the session with my client. Its sudden disappearance made me contemplate why it had increased in the first place.

I realised that a visit to another, mutual friend the previous day had triggered the increase. I remember feeling bothered that I hadn’t reached out to my ‘culprit’ friend. I also now realised that this headache probably had nothing to do with the new contact lenses I started to wear around the same time as the incident with her child happened.

Most likely the headache would have disappeared with time, but I wonder whether the energetic charge that triggered it would also have left my system. You see, this is, I believe, how we age: throughout life we accumulate energy blockages, some bigger than others, that produce more and more stagnation and ailments.

I imagine our soul to be pulling a cart through life. Every negative event is like a stone being loaded onto the cart. Some are just pebbles, others might weigh as much as boulders. In the end we become immobilised by them.

Letting go of them enables us to pull the cart more easily, and, I believe, for a little longer. Inside Out Therapy & Coaching is a simple, elegant way to achieve this.

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