Burnout in Brussels: When the fire goes out

Like the person who wrote this article, I too was one of the people who didn’t see it coming. I now know there is a way to prevent burnout. If you lose interest in your work, you feel that you’re not being appreciated, you have less and less energy, and feel like withdrawing, it’s red alert for you. Burnout is looming. The real reason most likely is not what you think, but there is no need to silently die inside, as Andy Carling called it so accurately. Here is her article:

Brussels burnout is so common, it’s almost normal, writes Andy Carling. The Belgian government has recognized burnout and asked employers to put in place steps to prevent it in the workplace. However, people still fall victim, including myself. While the big institutions and companies have some sort of system in place, in the smaller workplaces, […]

Source: Burnout in Brussels: When the fire goes out : EU Reporter

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