Bleep Bleep. Not tonight, honey.

The invention of ‘the’ pill enormously accelerated women’s liberation. I am grateful to the pharmaceutical industry for that. Unfortunately for many women it has a number of unpleasant side effects. The pill elevates estrogen levels (normally produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands) that make the body believe it’s already pregnant. The lining of the womb and the breasts swell up, and fat is deposited on the hips and the belly. Long-term higher-than-normal levels of estrogen affect the brain (mood-swings) and may cause PMS, brain fog, lower back pain, thinning of the hair, lack of libido and many more issues.

Luckily there are alternative contraceptives. Recently a new one has been added, thanks to Elina Berglund, a nuclear physicist from Sweden. I dare say, it’s a very app-ropriate one for the 21st Century woman!

Read the full story here:

Swedish nuclear physicist just got the world’s first approved birth control app – as effective as the pill but using only mathematics



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