Feminine traits like empathy, self-sacrifice, a strong sense of responsibility and always going the extra mile are positive, but can also severely undermine you. This, I experienced first-hand. I poured my heart and soul into reporting the news from Turkey and its neighbours for nearly two decades. Never saying no to the eternal deadlines, and my deep involvement with the victims of so many conflicts and disasters eventually took their toll.

Luckily, all endings are a new beginning.

Searching for ways to heal and bring back the joy in my life I returned to my old hobby: the study of the subconscious, which determines 90% of our behaviour. Soon I understood it hadn’t just been external factors that brought me down. Something had been eating me inside.

In 2009 I took the jump and left journalism behind me. I wrote a few novels, but then found my real calling. Training in a number of different disciplines I became a mind-body therapist. Still in Istanbul, I started helping people shed the – at times traumatic – baggage of their past.

Moving to Brussels (2015) I realised that also in the West women lag behind. I was appalled. And yes, there is a glass ceiling, but the majority of women tell me that ,just like I was doing, they undermine themselves.

The sixth sense I developed in a region where people are often unable to speak their mind is of great value in my practice in Brussels. Involving body and mind, I now work one-on-one with professional women who want to move ahead but hold back. I call this the inner glass ceiling. We work to overcome their inhibitions to stepping up their game, and build inner confidence and  self-esteem. My clients learn to take the lead in their life, and stand in their power with ease and joy, while remaining true to the woman they are.

Working for print, radio and television has taught me to make information understandable for wider audiences. This skill I use during workshops, panel debates, and public speaking. As such I aim to assist organisations and companies in bringing out the best in both women and men, and become aware of how they can best support the women on their team, and make the most of our differences. That is true diversity.

Ik werk ook in het Nederlands. Türkçe de konuşuyorum.