Supercharging for Go-Getters

Quickest way to stop holding back

During my five years as the director of the mentoring program of PWI (Professional Women International), it struck me how many of us struggle to overcome what’s holding us back.  Now that I’ve handed over the role to my successor, I’ll be sharing my method to easily tackle those blocks once and for all.

For nearly 15 years I have been developing and finetuning the method that I’m using in my 1:1 work. It’s a unique way to quickly identify and help my clients let go of the underlying reasons of indecisiveness, self-sabotage, insecurity, anxiety, anger, feeling blocked, down or burned out and more.


I’ve never advertised this magical method, exactly because it’s kind of magical. Being a rational person, I felt shy about its unconventional aspect (My We-mind protecting me. Thank you! You can read all about why and how it does that in my book ‘We-mind vs. Me-Mind: A New Vision for Success in Leadership and Life’). 

But my shyness seems unnecessary now that AI is even starting to read our biofield. That is the subtle, measurable energy that permeates and surrounds us and reflects our health and happiness. The time is right to start sharing my method and empower those who struggle to stop holding back, with a tool that can quickly and simply root out the cause. 


How often have you felt that something isn’t quite right, or that you can’t get yourself to do what you know you should do? How often have you felt inexplicable melancholy, anger or pressure? How often do you hesitate to make a decision or go back and forth between your options?

And how often do you seek professional help to overcome those moments?

If you answered ‘hardly ever’ to the last question, this tool might be for you. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reset how you feel in just a few minutes, without having to tell someone else about it? My method is easy to learn and easy to do on your own, anywhere and anytime. It really is the quickest way I know to stop holding back and supercharge yourself.

I plan to put together a small pilot group to find the best way to teach my method. If you’re interested, subscribe to my ‘Go-Getters’ Gazette‘ or drop me a line and I’ll keep you in the loop. Men are welcome too!