In The Picture

But are you getting through to your audience?

We’re all movie stars these days, like it or not. As someone who has a message to share, you need not only visibility, but also gravitas.

‘Jessica’s program was a life-changing experience. It was inspiring, joyful and a real boost of energy. I feel stronger and more confident. I definitely recommend it to any woman who wants to find her voice and step up her game.’ 

- Francesca Bertolo, Brussels

You will learn to:

  • be in the picture in a confident, authentic and natural way, whether it’s in video conferences,  addressing the media or a live audience.
  • craft your message in the most relevant, convincing, and impactful way. 
  • speak with authority, and make sure everybody listens to what you have to say.
  • overcome your possible reluctance once and for all, and start loving to be in the picture.
  • design a strategy you can follow over and over again, to inspire and impact others with ease and joy. 

“You are a magical lady and you definitely have an impact!! :)”

- Katerina H., Brussels

“This lesson was almost like you were reading my mind, particularly the part about the judge deciding for us, witches and all. You brought into my awareness something I did not notice — that I do everything I can to avoid standing out, that people will hate me if I do stand out, have more than them, shine in any way. I did not realize the extent to which that was running in the background. I love the exercises as well because they empower me to address the awareness. Thank you! “

- R.S., Washington

21 short audios



To anchor your new mindset you are getting a whole extra week of Sure Steps. That’s seven extra audios. All in all you’ll have 28 Sure Steps to reach your Next LeveL while having fun. 

This program is available for 97 euros.