Stop being happy with the crumbs

Billie Jean King’s challenge of the old boys’ network in sports, way back in the 70’s, paved the way for women to receive equal prize money in tennis. In ‘The Battle of the Sexes’ Emma Stones plays this heroic woman.

Sadly, there is still a huge payment gap everywhere. In fact gaps exist in every field. Did you know that:

Of the highest decision making body of the Olympic sports organisations in Europe only 13% are women?

Our sons have 40 times more chance to become a CEO than our daughters?

European women in management positions still earn 5 to 40% less than their male colleagues?

In the whole of Europe only one third of management positions are occupied by women?

75% of women in top management positions have  been sexually harassed?

Billie Jean King’s very good advice in this interview is:

”The men created [the world we live in], and we have to learn how to navigate, but more importantly we have to stop being happy with the crumbs. We have to start asking for what we want and need, and stop saying we’re sorry all the time.”

Read or wathc the full interview here: We Talked All Things Feminism With Emma Stone And Billie Jean King