10 Week Program

Success without pressure

Overcome your fear of playing full out!

You know you have what it takes to be a leader. And you put your heart and soul in supporting those around you. But are your efforts seen? And who is taking care of you when you don’t feel all that resilient anymore?

Contribute at the highest level without ever feeling unappreciated,
exhausted or clueless again

All great leadership starts with self-leadership. In my definition that means you know who you are and what you stand for. You know your worth, and make sure others do too in a graceful way. You’re not afraid to be seen, but stand out with your flair. You too may feel lost like the people around you in times of crisis, but you are one step ahead, and you can rely on a focus and strength inside that goes deeper than confidence. It means that nastiness or aggression may touch you, but not wound you. It means you care for others, but not at your own expense. And it means that even if you feel a bit of a loner, you unite people behind your unique vision.

Love Is a Business Strategy. Really?

Whole-heartedly loving what you do is essential to doing it well, to overcoming blocks and to persisting when the going gets tough. But if your heart is not fully operational, how can you love anything – or anyone – and commit a full 100%? Only when you are whole again, can you surrender to success instead of having to struggle for it.

You are needed. We have a BIG problem as humankind. All over the world women are wanted in leadership, but far too few step forward. The reason seems obvious to me: as a woman with ambition, you’re required to put on heavy personal armour, always put on a brave face, suppress your emotions, work day and night, violate your own boundaries. All these things I was doing too when I was a news correspondent in the Middle East. I had to learn the hard way that these strategies are impossible to sustain.

My Story

When I covered the many conflicts of the greater Middle East for the main TV, radio, and newspapers of my country, I was driven by wanting to do my share to make the world a better place. For 20 years, I absolutely loved my job. But:

In the end I totally depleted myself. From one day to the other, it was as if someone had switched the light off. I came to a grinding halt. To climb out of that dark place was a confronting and painful journey of discovery. It was fascinating too. I took a deep dive into all that concerns the mind and body, and accumulated tons of knowledge about what makes us tick and what makes us sick. One big win: I realized that by sharing all that I have learned, I could still contribute to a better world by helping people avoid breakdown and instead break through to their next level, and the next.

Helping you to go further, faster

For this purpose, I have created the program Love Is A Leadership Strategy, which contains all the ingredients you need to be successful without feeling under constant pressure, so you can start making a difference without damaging yourself.

You will learn the hard science behind authentic and effortless impact, master the subconscious ‘programs’ that have pulled you down, feel free and supported to go for your true potential, and be recognised for what you can contribute.

What will you achieve

The program Love Is A Leadership Strategy will help you to:


“Jessica is amazing! The process that she took me through really worked in healing some emotional blocks that I knew I had. She also helped remove some hidden blocks that I wasn’t aware of that were preventing me from moving forward in my life and my business. Now as I recall past traumatic events that happened in my life, I no longer feel the emotional pain associated with it. I just see it as something that happened without being emotionally triggered by it. What she did was truly amazing and I am so grateful to her!! Thank you Jessica XOXO!!”

- Antoinette Elam, California

“What I appreciated most was Jessica’s approach, which was both systematic and holistic. The program was informed by her knowledge of neuroscience and psychology, and went from explaining the origins of self-doubt, to gradually releasing them and finally, through practical and bespoke exercises, to revealing our values and our value proposition. It has taught me that love, and in particular self-love, needs to be at the foundation of any undertaking for it to be sustainable and authentic. Her approach has led me to become more aware of what I need to let go of and what to focus on in order to move more into expressing myself, both in my private as in my professional life. The world needs more Jessicas to guide us this way.”

- Anita Sheehan, Brussels

“Jessica Lutz has the knack to recognise subtle, stuck thought and behaviour patterns, and she can translate the subliminally felt need for change into a clear and convincing argument. Because her analysis is rational her insights go deeper than usual. She doesn’t judge, but encourages people to take a more active stance. She knows like no other the inclination of women to make themselves small, without being aware of it. Women need to take up the space that’s theirs. This can be done by political activism, but also by looking inside to see what subconscious block we put up for ourselves, in order to not take any steps. Jessica helps women to recognise subconscious patterns and start directing these, and to let go of what keeps them small.”

- L. Sprangers
Director Turkey Institute, The Hague

The program

During ten weeks you’ll be getting five video “Masterclasses” for self-study, supported by workbooks, a series of 5-minute audios calibrated to enhance your learning, five bi-weekly “Mastermind” group calls in your closed “Accountability Group” with other participants in the program, and two one-on-one Subconscious Realignment sessions.

Subconscious Realignment is where the magic happens. Growth is not possible by avoiding to deal with the issues that block us. Many people think this may be painful and are scared of it.  Participate only if your desire to contribute and grow into your true, most beautiful potential is bigger than your fear of what’s in the past.

Perhaps you have already tried ways to heal and found that after initial relief, the same issues came back to block you. Subconscious Realignment is the most efficient way to vaporize those demons once and for all and open your path to all that the universe has in store for you.

What it looks like in detail

Week 1:

Masterclass | What Makes Us Human

We are social animals, but what does that exactly mean? You learn how the social interactions you had during the earliest years of your life still impact you, and how to recognise and regulate self-limiting patterns.
Accompanied by a workbook with exercises to do at your own pace.

You book your two Subconscious Realignment sessions at a time that’s convenient for you.

Every other day you will receive a short audio to enhance your learning.

Week 2:

Mastermind | The first Accountability Group call, led by Jessica.

Building trust, so you can feel safe to share and support each other.

Week 3:

Masterclass | The Value of Your Mind

In order to change your mindset to one that makes having a positive impact effortless, it helps to know what the mind is, and how it is shaped by the brain. You will learn where stubborn role-patterns and unconscious biases in our society come from, which side of you has been denied, how to stop feeling unheard and start feeling appreciated, and what your added value is.
Accompanied by a workbook with exercises to do at your own pace.

Every other day you will receive a short audio to enhance your learning.

Week 4:

Mastermind | Catch up with your Accountability Group.

Week 5:

Masterclass | Light and Fresh Air

Now that you know what makes us human and what your added value is, in this module you see how this all relates to your personal situation. You will explore the questions of what your personal Achilles heel might be and how to heal it, what it means to have an impact, and why it matters to you.
Accompanied by a workbook with exercises to do at your own pace.

Every other day you will receive a short audio to enhance your learning.

Week 6:

Mastermind | Catch up with your Accountability Group.

Week 7:

Masterclass | Getting It Right

As a woman who wants to take charge you often end up in working cultures that have been established by years of male leadership. In this module you learn how to spot pitfalls and navigate potentially challenging environments without having to play a role, but from a calm, inner strength, tapping into all of your potential. And that of the people around you: you will also learn about the dynamics of diversity.
Accompanied by a worksheet with exercises to do at your own pace.

Every other day you will receive a short audio to enhance your learning.

Week 8:

Mastermind | Catch up with your Accountability Group.

Week 9:

Masterclass | Finding Your Ultimate Why

Have you ever pushed yourself toward a goal, investing great effort but not advancing much? Or do you sometimes feel you’re not sure of your course? Wouldn’t you rather want to feel wide awake at the helm of your ship, knowing exactly where you’re heading, and positively impacting all those other people on your ship? This module gives you the key to knowing why you do the things you do, what you need to keep doing, and what you better let go of. This gives you clarity, focus. Meaning.
Accompanied by a worksheet with exercises to do at your own pace.

Every other day you will receive a short audio to enhance your learning.

Week 9:

Mastermind | The last catch-up session with your Accountability Group, celebration of your breakthroughs.

Bonus 1:

Impact Sensing

A secret weapon to learn how to tap into the knowledge of your body, strengthen your inner compass and become unstoppable.

Bonus 2:

Spoiling the Games of Dominance

An overview of the strategies most commonly used to undermine others and practical advice on how to deflect them and create a safe environment for all.

Bonus 3:

Impact Focus Check

An instrument to narrow down your options and get total clarity on what truly matters for you.

Bonus 4:

Impact Leader Certificate

After completing the program you get a certificate of participation.

Bonus 5:

Impact Leaders’ Circle

After completing the program you get access to an exclusive, closed group where alumni continue to support each other. Together we grow and change the world.

Your Investment

  • Five video Masterclasses based on the latest science that give you a full understanding of the subconscious structure of your mindset, supported by unique exercises Value 350 Euro
  • A series of specific, short audios to consolidate your learning Value 150 Euro
  • Membership of a closed Accountability Group where you’ll be encouraged and motivated to do the work Value 350 Euro
  • Five Mastermind group calls Value 750 Euro
  • Two one-on-one Subconscious Realignment Sessions Value 550 Euro
  • One year access to the alumni Impact Leaders Circle Value 490 Euro

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go fast and further, tap into our joined intelligence to bypass your blind spots. Get clarity on your strengths. Turn your dreams into reality. And be in a space where we hold a vision of your success and make it happen. This program will multiply what you can achieve with all the skills and talents you already have. I believe in you. And I believe in my program. 

Call me crazy, but that’s why I’m offering it now not for 3.490 Euro, but for a limited time, for only 997,-.

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“Your program has stirred things up. I’m taking small steps, but I’m definitely going somewhere, which was not the case before, when things were only happening in my mind. I don’t feel discouraged anymore. I really feel different. As an engineer it’s very important for me to understand the mechanics. You’ve made me see a logic flow, so I understood how I can fix things.”

- Silviana Onisei, University of Leuven

Don’t retire feeling unfilled. Instead of dreaming your life, live your dream. Claim your rightful spot on the ladder and make that difference.

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