The Feminine Leadership Academy


Many institutions and companies struggle to find the right gender balance on the work floor. Often women can’t seem to break through the glass-ceiling, despite their potential, and all the well-meaning efforts of their employer. There are many symptoms of the stubborn inequality between women and men.

Just to name a few:

  • Our sons have 40 times more chance to become CEO’s than our daughters;
  • European women in management position still earn 5 to 40% less than their male colleagues;
  • In the whole of Europe only one third of management positions are occupied by women;
  • 75% of women in top management have been sexually harassed.

The current climate is in favor of change. Millions are being invested in ambitious programs like the EU Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality, source of the figures above. And yet so little changes. Why?

This is because one key factor is being overlooked: the role of our subconscious. Without being aware of it, we, men and women alike help maintain the status quo.

How? Psycho-neurological research has shown that the male and female brain are wired differently, so, to put it simply, we approach the world from different perspectives, which leads to misinterpretations and miscommunications all around. Also, our nervous systems react differently to stress, with different physiological consequences, which people subconsciously pick up. Women and men handle these subconscious signals each in their own way.

Brain, nervous system, physiology… does that mean we’re predestined by nature, and the situation can’t be changed? Nothing is further from the truth. But only if we know how we’re built and programmed can we overrule these subconscious mechanisms. Only then can we change the behavior engrained by culture.