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How will you make a difference? 

 Contribute at the highest level  — Lead with grace  Write that book — Speak confidently in public — Have your own successful company — Inspire your colleagues — Empower others    

Do you overflow with ambition, great ideas and energy, but feel unheard and blocked? 

Let’s broadcast your brilliance. 

Welcome to the only place on the web where you can learn to be bulletproof as a woman. Impact the world not because you have developed a super thick skin, and you’ve learned to suppress everything that’s real about you, but because you’re aligned with  your inner strength, authenticity and vision. 

You have a big heart, great ambitions and endless energy. You know you have so much more to contribute, and you want to make the world a better place. As a woman with a mission, you have a lot of obstacles to overcome: gender bias against you, the home front that needs you, the lack of role models, #MeToo moments, to name just a few. But you can tackle all these! You’re strong! Full of enthusiasm you go for it. And then, all of a sudden it feels as if your hands are tied, your feet are shackled.

What happened?

Fear of failure. Paralysing perfectionism and indecision. Procrastination… all the ways a woman holds herself back is what I call the inner glass ceiling. Many women I know have one. 


You are needed.

We have a BIG problem as humankind. All over the world women are wanted in leadership, but far too few step forward. The reason seems obvious to me: as a woman with ambition, you’re required to have a super-thick skin, always put on a brave face, suppress one’s emotions, work day and night, violate one’s own boundaries. All these things I was doing too when I was a news correspondent, covering conflicts and disasters in the Middle East for two decades. I’ve had to learn the hard way that these strategies are impossible to sustain. But there is another way.

Learn the hard science behind authentic and effortless impact. Be a leader in every field of your life, while being true to the woman you are. Master the subconscious ‘programs’ that pull you down, shed the thought patterns that keep you there. Never feel unappreciated again, and contribute your true potential with ease and joy.

If you want to:

  • have clarity about what gives you meaning
  • know what you want and go for it
  • have a career AND a life
  • be listened to for your expertise and wisdom
  • unlock your creativity
  • motivate others and yourself like never before
  • and thrive instead of survive in this competitive world


What people are saying

What a powerful, inspirational talk!

What a powerful, inspirational talk! I know I’m speaking for many who were there. By weaving in your own story, you drew us in. There was a lot of recognition. I think we all understand a lot better why some of these gender gaps are so persistent. And what to do to go forward and ensure that these gaps diminish. Thank you, Jessica.

–Amanda Newell, Fry Group

Jessica is amazing!

“Jessica is amazing! The process that she took me through really worked in healing some emotional blocks that I knew I had. She also helped remove some hidden blocks that I wasn’t aware of that was preventing me from moving forward in my life and my business. Now as I recall past traumatic events that happened in my life, I no longer feel the emotional pain associated with it. I just see it as something that happened without being emotionally triggered by it. What she did was truly amazing and I am so grateful to her!! Thank you Jessica XOXO!!”

— Antoinette Elam, California 

I feel like a different person!

The past 10 days I’ve been flat out organising a fundraiser for a charity, working together with others on this. At a certain point I realised that I was just loving doing it and that I wasn’t feeling the slightest bit insecure or socially awkward. I’m sure that a lot of that had to do with the work we did in our sessions, I feel like a different person. Still not 100% in form, but a whole lot better!

— Alison P., Brussels

Without any reservation I recommend her.

Jessica was a real find for us, as her professional career paths were those that a number of our professionals might want to follow if only they had a role model. Jessica is one such person.

She delivered a comprehensive, thoroughly prepared, practical life experience lecture. […] She is very sensitive to the needs of her audience, which makes her an excellent lecturer. We at Koç University truly appreciate her candor and practical life experience, and found it very helpful for all our potential careers.

Without any reservation I would recommend her very highly for any such venture she undertakes in the future.

— Patricia Tompkins, Professional Development Chair, Koç University, Istanbul

Thank YOU!

It was so inspiring, informative and timely! It certainly started a conversation in the office among men AND women. I look forward to being in touch more in the coming months.

–Women@Google, Brussels

A safe space that made us want to open up

Another huge thank you for last night. It was a really special evening for me; difficult and overwhelming to hear about some people’s experiences and to talk about my own. But I came away feeling calm and well…happy, which has never happened before when I open up about that particular subject.
Going home, some of us were telling each other how comfortable we felt talking with you, how you created an atmosphere that made us want to open up about past experiences, and how you guided and encouraged us through the night in such a way as to come away feeling strong and empowered. So thank you.

–Miranda S., Brussels

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