Self-assessment: Are you a high-potential blocking your own success?

I meet many highly driven, highly qualified professionals who feel like they’re pressing the accelerator, but at the same time something is slamming on the brakes. Of course, you realise that if you’d do that to a car, the engine would burn out. This assessment will help you understand what really is holding you back, and how to set yourself free. You have been aiming high. It’s time to break through and finally make that difference.

Please rate the statements below between 0-4, with 0 being absolutely not true, and 4 totally true.

I love to work, and often lose track of time.

I often put others first, and do not prioritise my own needs and desires.

I accumulate knowledge of a range of topics that interest me and find it hard to limit myself to one thing.

I often find social events that don’t have a purpose, like networking meetings or parties, draining.

I'm often suspicious of people's real intentions.

I think showing too much emotion is unprofessional.

I prefer to do things my way.

I put the bar high, both for myself and others.

I prefer to do important tasks myself, rather than delegating.

I tend to push myself hard.

I’d rather finish a task myself instead of having to ask and wait for others to do it.

I like to keep my new ideas to myself until they’re fully formed.

I can't easily sit still and feel I must be useful.

I’m usually careful with money but can spend a lot on an impulse buy for myself.

I tend to rely on myself.

I can spend a long time worrying about whether or not I’m making the right decision.

I know I have a lot to offer, but feel undervalued.

I tend to ignore physical discomfort.

I often think of how others might judge what I do.

I prefer to work in the shadows, rather than broadcast my brilliance.

I’m often critical of whom I see in the mirror.

I often feel discouraged that I'm spending a lot of energy and effort without getting ahead.

I feel I don't have a good overview of all my assets (financial, material, mental, etc.).

I feel threatened by others who do something similar to me and are good at it.

I often worry I don’t fit in.