All endings are a new beginning. That is absolutely true for me. For many years I poured my heart and soul into reporting about the troubled Middle East. I met a lot of awesome women, real leaders, but also many who helped maintain their disempowerment. That intrigued me.

In 2009, I quit journalism after I was sick of having to face the death and destruction that was part of my job. I focused on bringing back the joy in my life, and on finding another way to support people in their journey to a better life.

I studied a number of innovative healing methods, and am still learning, daily, about our subconscious. Still in Istanbul, I started helping people shed the – sometimes traumatic – baggage of their past. In 2015, I moved with my family to Brussels.

I now work with women who feel held back from reaching their full potential. I help them break through their inner glass ceiling, so they can bring out the best in themselves and shine without sacrifice. Such changes often have broad consequences: clients got promoted, marriages were saved, health improved, addiction and anxiety vanished, and more.

You can also book me for a seminar or workshop on sustainable leadership for women.

Ik werk ook in het Nederlands. Türkçe de konuşuyorum.