Over the years I’ve become an expert in helping people overcome unproductive perfectionism, anxiety, overwhelm, paralysing doubt, anger, procrastination, fear of failure or success, or feeling like a fraud. In my mind these are all facets of the same ‘inner glass ceiling’. I help my clients undo its building blocks and align with their true self. They find focus and meaning, feel acknowledged and valued, and become unstoppable as a result. 

Going back to the core and reaching an inner calm and power, a centeredness, results in more presence, high resilience, gravitas and a deep sense that you’re doing what’s right. Achieving one’s desires or ambitions no longer feels like an uphill battle, but becomes easy and joyful.

  • Aligning & coaching for executives and creators
  • Leadership development for high-potentials 
  • Business coaching for solopreneurs

My life changed forever when I gave up my job in the Dutch foreign service and walked straight into a war. As a young diplomat I was posted in Istanbul and I had an interesting, prestigious job. But I felt undervalued and I was not allowed to have my own voice.

I had financial security and I felt terrible about telling my boss that this life was not for me. But I jumped. I knew I could write. And a war had just broken out. So even though I had no experience as a reporter, and only one newspaper promised to take one story from me, I made my way to Iraq. It turned out to be the first of many times.

For two decades I worked as a news correspondent in Turkey and surrounding countries, covering many conflicts and disasters, and having a few brushes with death myself. I thank my guardian angel that I’m still alive. I’m not such a daredevil anymore. I became a Mum. And building on all that I learned about people and trauma, I became a therapist. Because my desire to help people get to a better place is still burning as bright as ever.

Setting up my business, all of a sudden I had to go out there and find clients. All my life experience, overcoming PTSD and burnout, and being on radio and television for years, did not prepare me for this: procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure, crippling perfectionism and a self-esteem that went from low to high and back. I now know that in essence this all boils down to the fear of being you, just the way you are. Luckily, I’ve learned how to overcome it. I have developed my own Subconscious Aligning Method, which is the special gift I share with all those who are ready to look within and go beyond.

Ik werk ook in het Nederlands. Türkçe de konuşuyorum.

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