Jessica J.J. Lutz
Jessica J.J. Lutz


My Dutch novel 'De Nederlandse Bruid' (A Bride from Holland) came out in November 2014 and sold out within two months. 

Working Title: HOG-TIED

This book is a work in progress since many years. In 2013 it qualified for the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. This means it was judged to be amongst the 500 best submissions, out of 10.000.


The reviewers said this:

"The pitch is one of the best I've read in this competition and the excerpt also was of a high quality in all regards. Despite my minor criticism, I was annoyed when there was no more text on the screen after I reached the end of the work. This is a novel that I'd like to read."

"Overall, I thought this was a great excerpt. I really enjoyed it. It’s interesting in its historical detail, which is a bonus to an intriguing tale. I thought it was clever to have Kim writing about bloodshed and terrorism for her publication, while trying to find out what happened to her father and why he was murdered. The discovery of a fresh body at the dig, makes me think that a recent murder might be related to what befell her father and I’m eager to find out if that’s the case. The first portion of this novel is engaging and I would like to read more."

 An excerpt has been posted here on Amazon. If, for whatever reason you can't read it there, then please go here.